Monday, May 4, 2015

I Love Pillowcase Dresses

If you've recently visited my shop you will notice almost all my dresses are currently pillowcase (or Tie) dresses. Let me explain why... I love the versitality of the dress! The dress is super cute to wear as a dress, but as your little one grows, the dress grows too! Put it on with a pair of leggings, cute shorts and even a pair of jeans and wear it as a top! I love all the different looks I can create with just a bit of fabric! And it's not hard to change the complete look of a dress. Take a navy blue polka dot pillowcase dress/top. I can put in a red and white ribbon and have a great dress for July 4th or summer boat trips. Take the same top, pull out the ribbon and put in an orange ribbon and you have a great tailgaiting top for football (Go Hoo's!). Now, take the same exact dress/top and pull out the ribbon yet again, put in hot pink ribbon and you have yet another great dress/top for spring!! One dress, 3 great looks! And don't forget it can be worn for years!

Now here's how to change the ribbon. After you have chosen the ribbon for the dress (I take the width of the top of the dress, usually about 16 inches, double it and and 10, unless you want a bigger, longer bow then add some more length). Hook either a clothes pin or a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and feed it through the top. It's super easy! (I think this may call for a video post in the near future!).

Continue to check the shop, I have so many new dress ideas floating around in my head right now! Once I find the time, I will sew, post and you can buy!!! But until then, enjoy those super cute, adorable pillowcase dresses currently listed in the shop!

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