Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Today is winding down and normally I would let a blog post go (obviously since I haven't posted to the blog in almost a year!). As I sit and reflect on Mother's Day so many feelings run through me. As a mother of three so much love and joy. I watch them everyday become these amazing little people and a since of pride runs though me. 10 years ago I left my job as a high school math teacher to stay home with my kids. My mommy guilt left me in tears everyday when I left my kids to head to work. I had to walk away in order to stay sane. Over the years I have babysat at home to keep some money rolling in, I have tutored math students, and I have begun a home-based business. God blessed me with a talent that lets me stay home with my loves while bringing in money to financially help my family. I thank God everyday for speaking to me and telling me He has this. And He does. My business is small, and growing slowly, but that's ok. I'm there for my kids right know and in this season in our lives, that's where my priority needs to be.

Each mom is different. I love listening to moms and their stories. I sometimes feel a bit of jealousy when moms talk so passionately about both their jobs and their kids. They have the ability to be able to balance both in their lives. And then I remember, God's plan for each one of us is different, all our paths will be different, but we have to trust in Him, and be happy who we are.

As many of you know, my husband is a firefighter/medic. He works 24 hour shifts 10 days a month. In addition, he works on most of his days off at the local hospital in the ER. He loves both his jobs, and he is a workaholic. I love this about him. He can balance both parts of his life, his work and his family. I believe God put us together for a reason. I love being home, taking care of my kids, I manage my household with a smile on my face, I cover the places my husband can't be. And I love all of it!

So on this Mother's Day I reflect on my life, my journey as a mother. I have enjoyed the long, crazy, ride; all the ups and downs. And I celebrate all moms, their journeys; their stories; their joys and sorrows. I pray for them that they, too, will listen to God speak and know He has this and find true happiness on this amazing journey called motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!!! 

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