Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Organization and To Do's, Time to get back on track!

Ever come to a point in your life when you just throw up your hands and say I give up?!? I am a very organized person, however, if you walk in my house at this moment you would beg to differ! I love to-do lists and post-it notes. I write everything down! In fact, I love it so much, we painted our fridge with chalkboard paint as well as an entire wall in our kitchen in chalkboard paint just so I can see everything written down. I have notes everywhere! It is so satisfying throwing a post-it away or marking an item off my to-do list when a task is done and complete.

But this brings me to my house! I have been so busy with the business, PTA and church that my house is suffering! My days are so full that I have even given up on to-do lists! Every evening I think about the next day and start to stress! Every morning I get up and just stare, not knowing where to start! This has then caused even more stress in my life because things have been put off until the last minute! I am totally not a procrastinator but because I'm not creating to-do lists lately it has caused me to "forget" about items in result rushing at the last minute to complete! 

So how do I get back to where I was before? How do I organize, in essence, every part of my life! I told myself once the vendor shows were over I would start on my house. Well that didn't work because I started working even harder on the business. So, then last week I said I would start when the kids are out of school and we can do it together. They do live in the house too and should be apart of the process, right?! But really, am I going to do that? Wouldn't I rather be sitting on the beach or at the water park with my kids? So who am I kidding, that's not going to happen! 

I have 1 month from today until my kids are out of school for the summer. In that month, my weekends are booked, so I have to work hard during the week. Starting tomorrow I will start again with my to-do lists and post-its everywhere. I am going to start in every aspect of my life, not just my business, but my house, my friends, my volunteer work and my kids! My planner and my wall calendar will start to match, dates and times from emails will get transferred to post-its (I told y'all a while ago I am not a technological person! Forget those calendars on the phone!). 

I am going to post here on the blog at least once a week, if not more, to hold myself accountable! I will let you know how I am doing. I will be honest, candid with my progress. I have confessed here to everyone, opened up, which I am not good at! I am a very private person, so this is a big step. I am hoping by doing this here  I will actually do it!! So who is with me?!?!

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