Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why should I support small businesses?

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge supporter of Small businesses. It could be because I of course I am one myself, but a lot of it is I just love their products. I follow many small business blogs, Instagram and etsy shops and I love them! I love reading about their creativity, their struggles, their joys. I love seeing their products, so many unique, different, awesome items. I try and purchase my gifts from small businesses, one year my husband and I did Christmas almost solely from small businesses!

So, one reason why I love small, momprenuer businesses is because they aren't out to make huge profits. Many times, the profit is minimal (a lot of times in my case). You can ask many small, momprenuer businesses where their profits go to, and they are candid and open. Many times they are in business to make money to pay for dance recital costumes and competitions; to pay for private school for their kids; bring in extra money to pay for doctors bills; to pay for expenses associated with travel soccer, baseball, hockey or any sport. Many times, these are women who are balancing being a SAHM while running a business, many times solo. They do all the creative work, they do all the marketing, they do all the shipping, and all the customer service. They do all this in between diaper changes, food service, playing, cleaning, wiping bottoms and noses. Many times these businesses are created, begin during nap time and in the evenings after the kids are put down.

So how do I know all this, you ask? It all applies to me. I started this business while my baby was napping, in the evening when hubby was at the firehouse and kids were asleep. My small profit goes to my daughter's travel soccer fees and expenses. I do every aspect of the business, research, creating, marketing, web design (not good at it though), customer service, shipping, you name it I do it! All while trying to be the best mom I can do my 3 amazing kids!

The next time you have a choice between a large corporation or a small business, I hope you don't think twice about choosing the small business. And then when you are happy with your product and experience I hope you tell everyone you know! Free marketing through word of mouth is the best thing you could give a small business owner! So below I have tagged a couple of my favorite small businesses currently, and I will update frequently. Please share with me your favorites in the comments below.  

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