Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer is here!

Unlike most of the country who ended school a month ago, today was my kid's last day of school! Yippie! I know a lot of stay at home mom's dread this time of year. They stress over having their kids home all day all summer, entertaining them. Not me! This is my favorite day! I love having my kids home with me. I love planning our days, loaded with fun, fun we have together. Summer is by far my most favorite time of year! 

So, as a work at home mom, I should probably be somewhat stressed with having the kids home, right?! I mean when am I suppose to work on the business when I am entertaining them, taking them here, there and everywhere. Nope! I find the time. I have to admit, during the summer, the hours I spend on the business ten to drop a bit, but I still work. In fact, I like to get the kids involved. They all know that the money I make running the business go to them, their extra curricular activites, our summer fun, mission trip and holidays. So why not get them involved so they understand?! My oldest tends to do some of the shipping for me. My 10 year old likes to organize orders for me, making sure they are correct; she especially likes the large orders! And my 6 year old likes to just hand out with us. He use to love catching the paper out of the printer. He likes to get the thread for me from the wall, and he has even learned out to change the thread color! 

During the summer time the kids and I love to enjoy the sun! We spend time at the beach (we have so many beaches within driving distances to us!), we have a couple of amusement parks around us that we hold season passes with, and we love to spend days there! Parks, zoos, playdates and lots of cheap, fun things. We don't get to travel too much, but we enjoy baseball games (we have local teams and will travel for the day to major league games). And just sitting here typing this I am getting so excited for our next few weeks! What is on the calendar for next week?!?!

So, honestly, are you looking forward to the summer with your kids or are you already ready for them to head back to school?

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