Monday, June 13, 2016


If you are on social media you have seen the posts, all those moms running from here to there with all their million kids in tow, on time, dressed to a tee, looking great, smiles on their faces, dinner at home in the crock pot, you know, Supermom. So do you believe it? I have friends that yes, they are Supermom, never frazzled, always on time, and kids well behaved. Then I have other friends who, well let's just say not Supermom. And that's OK, I love them both!!

So where do you fall? Are you a supermom? are you frazzled and proud? I'm in the middle. I have some great days and proud of them, then I have other days when I have no idea what I am doing and I feel like I am going through the motions. As many of you know, my hubby is a firefighter and works a part - time job at the hospital here in town, he's gone a lot. I don't work outside the home because I wanted to be the parent in the house with the kids all the time. It was our choice, and one we would never regret. I thought I could do it, I use to be a super organized person, then I had kids, and more kids and schedules and started a business, then hubby took classes and life got crazier....

Now I have chalkboard walls all through my house, lists and reminders, papers and post its. And some days I'm great, like today! Got all the kids off to school on time, got some orders in the mail (I'm still behind, so not a total win), picked up my oldest from school early so we could get to the elementary school and watch my youngest in his play and awards assembly. Ran to the grocery store to pick up stuff for the oldest cookout, ran my middle one to the doctor (swimmer's ear already), then took my oldest to her school sports picnic and even made it to a friends house for a last minute PTA errand on the way home. I did it all, not once frazzled (a little upset i had to squeeze in a doctor's appointment, but did it). 

Then there are other days, probably later this week! Friday is our last day of school here and I still have teacher gifts to put together! We have awards assemblies, early dismissal, class picnics, dinner with friends, and a business to run! Oh and did I mention I am co-hosting a baby shower for my SIL on Saturday?!?!

Over the years I have been open on social media about my struggle. If I have a good day I will pat myself on the back (I know, kind of tacky to do on social media, but I balance it out) and on bad days, I put it all out there for everyone to see. I'm a private person, but I have learned that I find peace in reading others who have bad days, so I hope my bad days give someone else peace as well! 

So summer here starts Monday (our weekend is already packed so I'm skipping that). I'm looking at all the things the kids want to do, and being a momprenuer I want to be able to do it all for/with them. There's a reason I am home. But this supermom is going to have days where I am totally unorganized and I need to just sit and stare at all the orders and laundry piles, lists and dirty floors and say well not today! So tell me, what are you? In my opinion, every mom is a Supermom in this day in age, some of us just have different super powers! What's your superpower?

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