Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Five - Weekly Roundup

I'm starting a new series! Every Friday (the best that I can) I will give my 5 favorite things from the week. It's a great way for me to review when I don't blog (like this week!). So let's begin...

1. Beach Days!!! I love summer and I love the beach! I love the most where we live, only 20 minutes from a beach! So the kids and I love to hit the beach at least once a week. This week we got to go twice! Yay!

 2. 12 wonderful years of marriage! My amazing husband and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Of course he had to work part of the day, but we got to spend the evening together. We had a pizza picnic with our 3 kids and watched movies. Exactly how we love it!!

3. Happy Birthday America!! Of course, hubby being a firefighter, had to work. It was stormy and rainy here most of the day. The kids and I hung around the house and watched a Criminal Minds marathon. The weather began to clear up a bit so the kids and I headed up to our local amusement park, Busch Gardens. We met up with some friends, rode some rides, watch the awesome fireworks show, and ended the night with delicious ice cream. 

 4. Fun week with the Etsy shop!! My items were featured in 5 Etsy treasuries this week! I love the sharing of items in these lists and I love the free marketing of my shop. I truly appreciate all those who include my items in their lists. It's always so fun to see other items in the group, hoping one day I find someone to collaborate with.

 5. Thank goodness today is Friday! I have to include this one this week because it is so true! My husband has worked 9 days straight. And even on the days he is working a hospital shift, once he is finally home in the evenings it's never enough time. I still always take care of the kids so he doesn't have the additional stress. My oldest is still practicing travel soccer, so we still have those twice a week. Entertaining 3 kids during summer is fun, but can get very tiring on your own! So I am so excited that tomorrow I get to have a co-parent with me! I get to spend the day with hubby and kids and enjoy a great (very hot) summer day! So yay Friday!

Thank you for making this week a great one! Your support always makes the list! And don't forget to head over to the etsy shop before Sunday! The Christmas in July sale is still going on!

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