Monday, July 11, 2016

Good Friends and Monograms!

I have an amazing friend. Her name is Brittany and she supports me in everything I do! She has sat with me at so many of my shows, she brainstorms with me, listens to me complain and always encourages me to keep my head up and push forward. About 10 months ago she also came on board with my business! I love working with her. She does the vinyl part of the business and I love our collaboration. 

So this brings me to our newest venture! Everyone loves monograms and everyone loves happy mail! So we put the 2 together and created a Monthly Monogram Box!!! Right now, you can purchase through the etsy shop, month by month. Hopefully, once this gets going and we work out the kinks we will be able to make it more of a subscription.

I know you see these all over the place, it's the newest thing. Ruffles and Bow Ties Monogram Boxes are different! We have a number of different options from small, medium and jumbo boxes. Each one with similar and different items at the same time. We also have the option for kids!! Cause what kids don't love monograms!! And the best part, we have a mommy and me package!! This by far being my favorite option!!

And to make ours stand out even more, we have monthly themes! Each month the monograms will be based on different themes. This way you don't have 5 million monogram shirts sitting in your closet, because we all know sooner or later you will get the same ones. Nope, Ruffles and Bow Ties will all be different. For example, this first month of July, our theme is Mermaids! Who doesn't want a mermaid monogram?!?! 

I love this new idea of ours! I love that I get to work even more with my amazing friend Brittany! I can't wait to see what we take Ruffles and Bow Ties to in the future! 

So for all my fellow monogram lovers, head over to the etsy shop and purchase your first monogram box!! Order before the 15th for the current months theme!

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