Monday, August 29, 2016

Where did summer go?!

It's hard to believe that I have not posted in almost a month and a half! July 15th was my last blog post, and it seems like it was just yesterday. I have so many Friday roundups, I have so much news and I am getting anxious about school starting next week! Let's begin, where have I been?!?! 

The last week in July my little family of 5 packed up the car and headed for our traditional family road trip. This year we only had a few days before we had to meet the church in Kentucky, so we stayed somewhat close. We took the kids Gem mining in West Virginia and they loved it!! Didn't cost much and they found so many treasures. They still talk about it to everyone who will listen. Our final destination was Gatlinburg, TN. If you have never been, you must go! We love nature, we love to hike, take it God's gorgeous scenery. We spent most of our days in the mountains, hiking beautiful trails and standing in fresh waterfalls. It was amazing! We finished our week in Kentucky meeting up with our church group. This was our third year attending Red Bird Missions, by far our highlight each and every summer. 5 days working in the mountains helping those who need it. My kids love it, my husband loves it and I love it. We grow together in our faith and leave a legacy for others. 

It took awhile to get back to a routine when we got home. I jumped into work, catching up on orders I received while gone, working on new items and crazy me, getting ready for a show! I attended my first 2nd Sunday show in Colonial Williamsburg on what could of been the hottest day of the summer. It was a blast though! I met some amazing new people, got my name out to some more locals and even made some money! I am looking forward to September's show!!

We had family come and visit last week, so I took some more days off to spend with them. We had fun hanging by the pool and showing them all the local things we like to do. It was fun! 

I am for sure being torn this week. I want to squeeze every last drop out of summer with my kids, but I know I still need to work. I am on deadlines for orders, but the beach is calling our name! We need to organize school supplies, get haircuts, get back on a schedule and prepare, but I don't want to!!! I want to sit and watch them on the beach in the sand and water, I want to watch them swim in the pool, ride some more rides at the amusement park and stay up late and enjoy a movie. I am a crazy mom, I get so excited at the end of the school year and so sad at the beginning. I love having my kids home with me! I enjoy their laughter, their fighting, their whining and their demands! 

I have so many new items I want to do as well! I have slowly added some new fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving items to the shop, and new items will be coming soon. My calendar is filling up with shows for this upcoming season. Keep checking in to find out where I am! 

Thanks to everyone for baring with me this summer. I know I am one out of control person! One day I will be so organized and have this small business owner thing down. I will be able to update all social media while writing a new blog post, updating the website and adding listings to the shop, all while watching a soccer game, checking homework, getting all 3 kids to the correct places at the correct time and spending much needed quality time with my workaholic husband! But for now, I am no where near where I should be!! 

Stayed turned for Friday's Roundup! I promise I will write one :)

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