Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall is here! Are you ready?!?!

It is officially fall! I am so excited! How about you? My house will soon be covered with pumpkins, warm colors, boots on my feet, sweaters and scarves in my wardrobe, football on my TV and wet leaves will coat my floor. I can't wait!

Fall not only brings me joy, warmth and excitement, but it also brings me stress and anxiety (in somewhat a good way). This time of year is my busiest, in all areas of my life! Both my oldest and youngest play soccer, my oldest in the heart of travel season (we travel pretty much every weekend!). My middle one has her own interests that keep us busy as well. We have practices, school activities, homework, projects, family commitments, church commitments, and social calendars. But this is also my busiest time for my business! People are starting to look for Holiday gifts, I am stocking up on inventory for all my shows coming up. And let's not forget all the "holidays" and "events" on our calendars! We have Breast Cancer Awareness month, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, family photos and school photos. My Etsy shop is blowing up, and my shows are going to be great!

So are you ready for all this!?! Here's a few items in my shop to get you ready! Monogrammed Breast cancer awareness t shirts for the whole family!

Halloween is not a big holiday in our house. My kids like to dress up, but don't we all? Dress up is usually a daily thing in our house. They go out and get candy, but more so to hang out with the friends that come along with us! So I don't have many Halloween items listed in my shop. BUT back to the whole excitement about fall, pumpkins are one of my favorite things (I've already shared in previous posts about my obsession with Pumpkin Spice lattes, so we should already know I LOVE pumpkins!) Every year for the past 6 years, my husband makes sure he is off from all jobs on my birthday. We take the kids out of school and head out to the pumpkin patch! I love it, love the memories, love the crisp air, and everything about the day! Anyways, one of my favorite listings for fall is for little girls, "Pumpkin Patch Princess".

If you've read my blog before, or know me personally you already know how my I really like Thanksgiving! I share on my personal Facebook page the 30 days of Thankfulness. I get such a warm feeling of the holiday itself, the grateful heart it brings people. So I just love having items in my shop for this special holiday! And it's not just for kids, one of my most favorite women's shirt is for Thanksgiving (but let's be honest, I wear it all year long!) I have the "Thankful" women's shirt, and the gold sparkle just tops it off, I love gold sparkle!! And my most favorite kid's shirt is super cute "I'm the reason Mom and Dad are thankful!" in both neutral and girly colors!

And of course, don't forget all the cute home decor I have. This is the time for all those fun parties we are invited to. And who wants to show up empty handed, so grab some extra hostess gifts while you buy yourself some adorable shirts! I have everything in one spot!

Head on over and check out the Etsy Shop. Do some shopping, support small business and don't forget to send your friends and family! I love free word of mouth advertising!

So, you now know my love of all things fall, especially pumpkins and football (I didn't even share my monogram football tee!) Tell me, do you love or hate fall? What is your favorite part about fall?

You can guarantee I will be writing a lot of blog posts this season! But until next time, I will enjoy my pumpkin spice latte while putting all my pumpkins out!

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