Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorite - Weekly Roundup

I haven't done one of these in awhile, but I guess it's time to get back into it! Each week brings blessings and joys, I need to share that; even on week's when it's tough to find 5!

1. We have successfully made it through 3 weeks of school! (I'm knocking on wood, because my kids are still in school right now, day isn't over) This is big! Between crazy schedules, deadlines, hours of homework and everyone adjusting, there's been minimal tears and an abundance of smiles and laughter. Yay!!!

2. High School Back to School night. I know, we have already established I am a weird, crazy parent, this goes along with that. I LOVE Back to school night. I get to go and meet the teachers, find out what my child is learning and show my face. Let's be honest here, most high school parents don't step a foot in their kid's school, not me! But I also love this for another reason. You see, our oldest goes to the same high school my husband and I went to, same high school I taught at after college and the same high school my husband and I both coached at. There are still teachers there who taught us (and yes, my daughter has one of them this year) and there are a number of teachers who I taught with that are still there (and yes, my daughter has 3 of those this year). So you see, I go, learn about what my daughter is doing and then it's like a little reunion for myself. {The photo is from a year ago, before her Freshman year. It happens to also be the high school my parents both graduated from, so my daughter is 3rd generation!!}

3. The sun is shining today! This week it has rained EVERY SINGLE DAY! I'm not exaggerating, it is true! My kids have been so upset, indoor recess is not fun! We have all been moody and tired. Soccer has been canceled (you would think we would be happy about that, no where to be in the evenings, but no, my kids live soccer). But, right now as I am sitting here typing this, the sun ray is shining through the window. It may not last long, but at least I saw it!

4. The beginning of fall! I wrote my post last night about my love of all things Fall. I won't rewrite the whole post, but I will say, I LOVE FALL!!

5. New items listed in the shop. I took of a whole day this week, drove up to Richmond after I got my kids to school and spent the day with my SIL for her birthday. I got to hold my new baby niece and take my SIL out to lunch. It was a great day. But as most WAHM's know, we have to schedule our week. With the busy season upon me, a day of sometimes is not possible. But I enjoyed my day, and I have been working all the other days on a tight schedule, and have been able to get new items listed in the Etsy Shop. So make sure you take the time to head over there and check everything out.

Bonus: I need to make room for all the inventory I am making for the upcoming shows. I am making tons of shirts, towels, bibs. So in order to make room for these "smaller" items, I need to get rid of some of my larger items, like my girl's 3 piece outfits! So, I have had success in the past few weeks with these flash sales in my Facebook group, so I think I am going to do it all weekend long!! Flash Sale, all girls outfits are 30% off. This deal is only for my blog readers and those in my Facebook group. So if you know someone who would be interested, send them here or to the group. Blog readers, email me if you want to order!

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