Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Five - Weekly Roundup

It's hard to believe it's already Friday! These posts seem to run together, the week's go by so fast! School year is full swing, I can tell by our full schedule and the fact that I feel like each and everyday I just go through the motions, staying on the strict schedule, nothing too exciting. So of course these Friday posts are hard, trying to pull out at least 5 fun exciting things that have happened in the week. But then again, they always make me feel even more grateful, because it makes me look at my life and smile! Even during the routine, mundane days there are blessings!

1. More rain! I know, who really is excited about more rain. Well I have to be this week. I haven't seen the sun in awhile, and it makes me want to lay on my couch all day, sleep and watch tv! But it also has made up slow down a bit. A few nights of soccer practice have been canceled, allowing us for more family dinners, no rushed bed times and more family time together in the evenings.

2. Travel Soccer! Last weekend my daughter played out of town both Saturday and Sunday. Since the little ones had things to do here at home, hubby and I split the traveling. Saturday my husband took our daughter to her game. He got to spend some much needed time with her in the car and got to watch her play (which is less and less the older she gets and busier his work schedule is). Sunday I got to take her to her game, 6 hours round trip in the car! We got a lot of talking done, catching up on everything going on in her life. I love our time together, so as much as complain about how travel soccer takes up a much of our time, I love the time we get to spend with her! (photo was from a year ago, but thought it fit!)

3. Homework time! There's times in our house when homework time is like a war! But this week I have loved it. My youngest speeds through homework, and I've been trying to get him to enjoy it. So this week, he decided he was going to do his homework with my oldest. They sit together on her floor both doing their homework. They tend to talk about school, how their day was more then their homework, but that's fine! It's the time, and precious memories of this time together that is far worth any homework grade!

4. Church! We finally got to go to church on Sunday! We've been out of town for about a month now with soccer and haven't been able to make it to service. This past Sunday we finally got to go! The little ones got to go to their new Sunday School classes. I love starting my week at church, with my friends who know me so well, with a grateful heart. Sermons always make me feel blessed. It was great finally being where I should.

5. Social Media and Marketing! I think I am finally getting this whole thing. I'm starting to feel more comfortable putting myself out there in this blog. I am slowly opening up, sharing my true self. My most recent blog post blew up (well for me it did!). I got some great positive feedback and almost everyone that read it loved it. My posts on Instagram have also gotten a lot more traffic and all this has driven more traffic to my Etsy Shop. I finally feel like all my hard work is starting to pay off! And on top of it, I am really starting to enjoy this whole Blogging thing. I get nervous before publishing posts, worried no one will like it, judging, embarrassment. But I'm starting to let all those emotions subside and just enjoy being myself.

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