Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Many Faces of being a Business Mom

My about page gives the basic story behind how this business started. When my second daughter was born, I resigned my teacher position so I could stay home with her and my oldest. Over the years I have babysat, kept bookkeeping, and now a business owner. I love my job, but never knew what would come with it! The marketing, the designing, the bookkeeping, the organizing, oh and don't forget the actual sewing! I love my job, it let's me be home with my 3 kids. But in the past few weeks, I've also realized that many days the business is on the back burner. I run my kids to school in the mornings, do pickups in the afternoons, volunteer at the elementary school, take the kids to the many doctors appointments, attend all the awards assemblies, soccer practices (4 teams between 3 kids), church events on Sundays and throughout the week, and soon all the end of year events. You ask, when do you work?!?! I work in the evening, I squeeze in 30 minutes here and 20 minutes there, I work weekends (you mean you're suppose to rest?), and many mornings I have the machine going before 7am! I love being able to adjust, and I love being able to put it away and read a book with one of the kids, or listen to the story from the day. I wouldn't change anything right now! So thank you to all my customers who understand that I have to push their order back yet another day because one of my kids needed a little more attention then what was originally on the schedule! And thank you to all my fans who choose me because I am a mom, and family comes first in their eyes too!

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