Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Proud to be Average!

This is going to be a candid post, please no negative comments. Please be kind!

The other day I was texting with a friend and the word SuperMom came up. She was describing me after I was telling her everything that we had going on and our nonstop schedule. It's not the first time I've heard the word, but this time it really hit me. It made me think and I got kind of upset. So here is why.

I'm not super in any way. In fact, I am barely average in every area of my life. Here's why:

I'm an average housewife. I have piles of laundry all over my house; some clean, some dirty, some who knows what! My house is never completely full of food. I'm not a fan of grocery shopping so I get what I think we may or may not need and leave! I don't cook, it frustrates me and I have no interest what so ever. My kids don't starve and neither does my husband, but you will never find a Pinterest dinner on our table (at least not cooked by me!). I don't bake, so forget cakes, brownies and cookies a norm around here. Those Pinterest snacks that parents do and send into school, never would of come from me! My sink always has dirty dishes in it; my vacuum is not used on a daily basis; and I should start charging rent to the dust on my shelves! 

I'm an average wife! Now don't get me wrong, I love my husband very much! He's my world, but I am an average wife! I very rarely ask him about his days at work; we very rarely watch the same tv show in the evening. In fact I head to the bedroom and watch "my shows" while he sits in the living room and watches what interest him. I like my space, so cuddling on the couch never happens; we kiss while passing each other in the hallway, usually days apart from each other! But my husband knows I love him, and that's the important part.

I am an average mom! I'm no where near a Pinterest mom. I try and throw great birthday parties, they are great to my kids! I pack a no frills lunch every morning for 3 kids, they get a sandwich from me and they have to pack the rest! I wash their clothes, they have to put them away! I hand out punishments, very rarely follow through. Sleepovers, nope not in this house! I don't study with my kids, but they are always prepared for their quizzes/tests. I "check" homework, but very rarely check the answers. I sign all those five hundred million papers that come home in the book bags, but half the time I don't read more then the first paragraph. I move bedtimes to satisfy me, I need some quiet time!

I'm an average friend! I text, but sometimes it takes me hours/days to respond. I most likely will not call or pick up the ringing phone. I try and do lunches with friends, my best friend and I did 1 week! Yep, that's it! I think often about my friends, but I'm terrible at calling and talking, and forget about making plans!

I am clearly an average person when it comes to taking care of myself, and let's be honest, aren't we all in this stage in our lives, we are mothers! I'm lucky to get a shower in every other day. Wet wipes and dry shampoo are my best friends. String cheese and cereal are meals for me. I don't have a social life (back to the previous paragraph) 8 hours of sleep, I only wish! Painted nails, nope; and I can't remember the last time I got a hair cut! Some of my clothes have been in my closet since we moved here 10 years ago! 

There are so many other areas in my life that I am just average! My business, I try hard to be one of those super successful Etsy shops you read about, but I just can't. I make what I can, try to be happy with it and let the guilt eat at me. 

There are weeks my Bible stays in the same spot, not once getting opened. 

I have never been on or below budget! (Oh and the best part, I'm an accounting major!)

I could clearly keep going for hours, but I know you get the point.

I wrote this post because I want us all to be honest. We try so hard to make our lives look great, to put on this mask for others. We post on Facebook about our days, and how we successfully completed all 10 thousand things on our to - do lists, worked out, had a full meal on the table when our husbands walked in and then enjoyed an evening with our kids snuggling on the couch! Not me anymore! I am here to say, I am going to be honest. This supermom crap has got to go. Pinterest snacks, find another mom! My life is great! I may be average in every aspect of my life, but that's ok. My kids are happy, my husband loves me, and I plan to be less stressful because I no longer have to live up to these high obnoxious standards. Who's with me?!? Who's happy with their lives the way it is? I will no longer be embarrassed my kids got sandwiches for dinner 5 nights in a row, but be happy that they all got to their scheduled events! And never again will I be embarrassed about the piles of laundry, just don't open my bedroom door when you come over! 

In conclusion, let's be happy with the mom's we are. Call yourself Supermom, but forget about comparing yourself or keeping up with the Supermom next door! Because all your kids are still alive nicely tucked in their beds at 7:00, you have the couch to yourself and wine in your hand, that's a Supermom!

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