Monday, September 5, 2016

Teachers, my superhero!

As I sit her on this Labor Day, the eve of my kid's first day of school, I'm filled with emotions. Mixed emotions and lots of thoughts. My mind wonders back to 10+ years ago when I was on the other side. I was still teaching high school math, and Labor Day was different. I was excited about the next day, drained from all the work I had already done to prepare for the school year, anxious about meeting my new students and sad to be ending my summer as the SAHM I loved being. As a parent, I get excited about the new year for my kids. New teacher(s) and classroom(s), new friends, new opportunities, and their chance to grow into the person they will become. 

I have done (or currently doing them) all the necessary things needed for tomorrow. Stitched out the little ones new shirts for their first day, baked cookies for lunches, wrote out a "New school year" prayer for each kid, cleaned out the lunchboxes, packed the backpacks and set the alarms. My kids are physically ready. And I believe they are emotionally ready too. I have come to terms that summer is over. We had a great time together and now I must let it go, send them off and grow!

Many of you have already started school. I know you are reading this thinking, women get over it!! I know, I know. But you were in my shoes at one point in time. Some of you may have been happy summer was over, send them off! But I know deep down you too stress over sending them away for so long. Be honest with yourself!

My saving grace is the amazing teachers in our schools. The time they put into lesson plans, grading papers, researching new techniques, training and so much more. They work so hard, sometimes away from their own families far too long, just to help our kids out! My kids have been blessed with some awesome teachers in their lifetime! I treasure them, they are Superheros in my eyes! If you feel the same about teachers in your life make sure you show them this school year! It doesn't have to be anything big or expensive, but something small. Buy them lunch, send in some pencils or classroom supplies, give them a gift card, write them a special note, or have your child draw a picture for them. Don't forget about them, especially if you think they are doing an awesome job! If you're one of those parents who were having a party the morning you send your kids off to school the first day, those teachers now have those kids for the next 10 months (you only had them for 2!). 

I pray everyone has an amazing school year! I pray each person finds a way to relieve stress and anxiety. I pray the teachers feel loved and appreciated. I pray the students too feel loved by those who are around them all day. I pray the parents have smiles on their faces each and every time they see a teacher. And I hope the excitement carries all the way until Spring. Bless each teacher, student and parent! Here's to a great 2016 - 2017 school year!

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