Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The holidays are coming?!?!

So warning first, this is actually a business post. I figured it's a business webpage, I better write a few business blog posts. I know what you are thinking, but wait Kerry, your life is just so fun and your thoughts are so interesting, we just want more. I know, I know, I promise more fun entertainment in the future, but for now, we are getting down to business! 

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day (it looks like I am always on, but there's a tab open on my internet, more so for business, I very rarely am actually on FB). But anywho, I was scrolling pretty quickly, mainly looking at photos and I can across something like this: 

 Which then got me to thinking...Wait a minute I haven't even gotten a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks yet and these people are talking about Christmas?!?! Which then got me to thinking, Oh no, I need to start pushing the holidays! Marketing time!

And that is what I did! I sat down, started organizing all my crazy thoughts, made more post its, and lists, and started thinking about how to increase traffic and it hit me...Gift sets!!! Who doesn't love a good themed gift set! And what better way to shop for the holidays then to create fun themed gift sets! As some of you know (if you keep up with my rambling blog posts) I am working with a few more small business owners and friends. I have brought in someone who now does vinyl, so we are offering a number of new items for this holiday season. We are talking personalized/monogram wine glasses, beer mugs, pint glasses, wine stoppers, decals of all sizes, shirts and so much more! I have also partnered with a friend who makes jewelry and will now offer her items to match anything in my shop. I am working on some more collaborations as we speak and will announce those once plans are finalized. 

I now have an active coupon code in my etsy shop GIFTSET which will work on any order of 3 or more related items in my shop (must be $30 minimum order, which is easy since my cheapest item is $10.50). I say related because it has to be for a gift set. You have a dear friend who loves wine, well perfect, I have wine kitchen towels, soon to be wine glasses and wine stoppers. Need a teacher gift, well I can do that too!! Need items not listed in the shop, well I can probably do that too! HA! 

And don't worry, all my friends who I will see in person at the so many up coming shows this fall, the opportunity will be there too! 20% off 3 or more related items! Yep! I'm super excited about this and can't wait to work with so many amazing, creative people to create some really amazing gift sets!! So put your creative thinking caps on, and let's start working together to create some of the most amazing, thoughtful, fun gift sets this holiday season!

AND, if you are a small business who believes you would work well with me, email me and let's start a collaboration! 

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