Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's a Sweet Bonfire time!

It's fall, which means it's bonfire time! Blankets and s'mores, hot chocolate and friends! So what a better theme for a Sweet 16 October birthday party then Bonfire! In one of my previous posts I mentioned my oldest turned 16, so of course in true crafty, Pinterest fashion I had to throw her a huge party, her choice of theme, Bonfire.

I spent several weeks leading up to the party pinning ideas on Pinterest as well as searching local stores for the cheapest version of everything. I started with invites from an Etsy shop (where else would I go?) listed here.  I love the new option of editing yourself and printing at your own place. Super easy task and they turned out great! My husband spent a week finding plans and building a new fire pit and gravel patio extension in the backyard.

Our food table was filled with a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, chocolate chips and whip cream all served in adorable disposable coffee cups found here at Amazon.  We also had s'mores, popcorn bar with candies and nuts. And my daughter is pretty picky about cakes, she's not a fan. But we know an amazing women who has a small (getting larger) business, Cookie - Text, in the area who makes the most delicious cookie cakes! And they deliver!

And what is a teen party without a fun photo booth! The kids had a blast! We got some cute props from Amazon, as well as adorable gold frames. I made the backdrop from Dollar Tree table cloths and leaf garland as well as a bunting banner I made from burlap.

We bought some hay bales from the local farmer's market and put those around the fire pit. And since it was a chilly fall evening we made sure we put some blankets in a bucket to keep warm. We had lawn Jenga, lawn Twister and lawn Yahtzee.  And you can't forget the lights from the porch to set the perfect setting for the night.

The kids had a blast, my daughter loved it (she was surprised by the majority of the night). It was such a fun party to plan and I'm so glad we were able to give her the party she wanted!

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