Monday, October 17, 2016

Motivation Monday

Most of us have a hate relationship with Mondays. It's hard to get moving in the morning, when the alarm goes off we tend to hit snooze (or want to throw it across the room). We move slow, drink way too much coffee (is there a way too much?). We daydream about all the fun we had over the weekend and wish we could crawl back in bed and sleep some more. And some Monday's are even harder then this! So I've come up with a new series, Motivational Mondays. I will share some of my favorite quotes to get us moving on with what is important with us.

My weekends are usually busy with kids activities, soccer, and if I'm lucky maybe some college football. So come 6 am on Monday morning, I don't want to move. But my list of items to do for the day/week may sometimes create excitement or anxiety depending on what is on there. This week I have a long list of things that need to be done to stock up for the upcoming month of shows. My list seems to be getting longer rather then shorter but that's ok! Everyone here knows I'm working on to make a successful business for myself and my family. These upcoming shows bring major anxiety to me, but I know they are what is best to grow this business. So to get me moving today (and everyday this week) I'm going to use the quote: "Do it now, sometimes later becomes never" - Author unknown

Take this quote how you want, tweek the meaning to make it relevant to your current life situation. For me, I will be doing my list now, because yes, if I put it off it won't happen. My shows won't be successful as I would like, and my business will continue to grow slowly. This quote has helped me the past couple of months, stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I don't normally do. I've created this blog, writing more and putting myself out there. I've reached out to collaborate with others, hearing no a number of times. You don't have to be a business owner to use this quote in your life. There are so many areas in life this can relate to!

I hope this helps you this week. How will you be using this quote in your life? New venture? Stepping out of your comfort zone? Share with me in the comments! And don't forget to check in next week for the new Monday Motivation! Now get moving and accomplish great things this week!

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  1. Love this! I am a firm believer of making lists and not putting off the inevitable. Whatever you're doing will end up being much more successful. Have a blessed Monday everyone.