Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My holiday season blog post plan - Think Small!

I'm back! I know, I haven't posted in weeks! Between stocking up on inventory for holiday shows, keeping up with the Etsy shop and orders there, busy mom life and keeping my sanity, the blog gets forgotten about :( I am currently working (you know because I don't have enough on my to do list right now) on a marketing calendar for 2017. So if you can just bare with me for right now, I promise coming the new year I will be keeping up with this blog, Facebook and Instagram. It takes time to get organized and prepared so I will be working on it now for the new year. 

Right now though, and most of my posts leading up to the holidays will be about some of my favorite small businesses. I am a big supporter of shopping small businesses as much as possible. When you shop small you are supporting a family, a mom who spends endless hours working (you know that from reading this blog), a family who puts everything they have into their business. So please, support small businesses this holiday season! 

And, if you plan on shopping on Etsy this holiday season, make sure you are an Ebates customer! I LOVE Ebates! I have been a shopper on Ebates for many years now and the holiday season is great. I spend a lot of money shopping online throughout the year (let's be honest, it's just so convenient!) and when I use Ebates I get money back! Well, here is great news, Etsy is now on Ebates. So you are supporting a small business by shopping on Etsy and you will be getting money back (so you can go and spend more on Etsy!). 

Throughout this holiday season I will be sharing some of my most favorite small businesses. A lot of these are friends that I have met over the years, some of them I have fallen in love with in my years of shopping and some of them will be referrals from you, my readers. If you are a small business owner, have a friend who is a small business owner or have a favorite small business owner, email me! Share with me! I don't have a schedule for these posts, but I hope to be able to have so many businesses I can share every other day (or maybe even everyday!) 

I am excited to do this series of fun posts and hopefully help some awesome business owners at the same time. Share with your friends and send them over to the blog so they too can be included in on the small business fun this holiday season. Come visit tomorrow for our first small business share, thing wood, monograms, photos and great gifts!!!

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