Monday, November 28, 2016

Small Business Share: Name your Verse

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. I took a short break from the posts because I was busy working. I completed my last show for the season, 3 very long days. I always feel like I am away from the world during show days. I don't check Facebook, I miss church service, I don't watch tv, reality of the world is not there. Which sometimes is a good thing!

So anyways, let's get back on track with some small business! I hope you have enjoyed all the posts, done some shopping and found some new small businesses to favorite. I am still sharing friend's businesses at this point, but later this week I will start sharing small businesses I have found through social media.

Today's small business is a favorite of mine, Name your Verse. I love this small business for so many reasons, the owners are dear friends and church family of mine! I have known them for some time now and they are some of the most amazing, spiritual, loving individuals I know! I look up to them in so many areas of my life. They run their business faithfully and it is shown in their customer service and their products. You can find them on their Facebook Page and their website. All their work in custom made, which makes for a very special gift.
Have a new baby in your life? 
 So what makes these so special, they are the perfect Christian gift! I have given these myself for my daughter's confirmation, my best friend joining the church and each one of her daughter's baptisms, weddings, and birthday's. The occasions are endless, the gift is perfect and the thought is priceless. If you don't believe me, you have to check out the stories from customers on their website. Some of them are pretty amazing!

Perfect wedding gift or Christmas gift for a new couple.
 Gloria and Gerry take someone's name (first or last, your choice) and for each letter they put an appropriate scripture for the occasion. You can customize the font and style for your gift, and the price is perfect for a customized gift!

This  is my favorite! 
So if you are looking for the perfect customized Christian gift, this is it! Head over to their Facebook page (don't forget to like it!) or their website and start your customization today! And for all you locals, or those coming this way this holiday season, you can also check them out at the Busch Gardens Christmas Town Market (the exact dates are on their website). Tell them I sent you over for the perfect gift.

And as always, don't forget: Shop small, support a dream, give a smile!

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