Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Small Business Share: Winfrey Designs

I've exhausted all my dear friends and their businesses. I hope you supported them (or at least plan to!). So the next for days I will be sharing from a Facebook Group that I belong to. As an Etsy shop owner, there are tons of groups on Facebook. I stumbled across this group, joined it and it has become one of my favorite groups to be a part of, Etsy Christian buyers and sellers. The group is always so positive, we love to raise each other up and I have found some truly amazing shops this way! These next few posts are in no order at all. In fact, I posted in the group and the blog posts are coming from the order they responded :) I have to be far! To be honest and fair, I have not bought from any of these businesses, these next few posts are simply sharing them to you, hoping you will find something for yourself or someone on your list and help support small businesses this season. If a business peaks your interest for a future purchase, please favorite the shop and visit back in the future!
I think this one should be in every home!
So let's, get started! Today's business is Winfrey Home Designs. You can find them on Etsy, their Facebook page, or their webpage. I have had fun researching for this post. This business was started on whim (don't most of ours!), from making a wooden keepsake sign for their grown kids as a gift to now a beautiful business. I just love that!

We all know I am a sucker for a good scripture!
I have browsed their listings and you know I immediately fell in love with so many! If you've seen my house, you know these signs would fit in perfectly! I love all the fun vibrant colors, the rustic styles and the positive fun messages on each sign.
Why yes, I do need some decorations in my kitchen!

And this one too!!!

So head over to one of their pages: Facebook, Etsy or webpage; as always, make sure you like, favorite and bookmark, respectively. Know someone who loves wooden signs (like me!) buy for them, share Winfrey Designs with them. Remember, us tiny/small businesses rely on word of mouth advertising from family, friends and happy customers because we can't afford Super Bowel commercials (or any commercials for that!).  

I just had to! It's so fun!!
 And always remember: Shop small, Support a Dream, Give a smile!

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