Monday, December 5, 2016

Last Small Business Share!

I've had to step away from the Small Business share posts for a bit. The Etsy shop is in full holiday mood. The orders are coming in faster then I can get them monogrammed and out! I know this is a good thing, so you won't hear me complaining, I feel blessed! But because I am working around the clock, this is going to be the last small business share for this season. So, of course I had to share what was going on in my shop!

I want to take the time though and share some items that are listed in the shop that are ready to go! These items ship out the next day! I have a number of girl's adorable holiday outfits! They come with pants, appliqued tunic and an infinity scarf. I have the sets priced ready to move! I need to make room for new inventory in the new year. And don't think they are just for the holidays, many of these adorable sets can be split apart and worn again!! Get that money's worth!!

In addition to the adorable outfits, I have dresses and skirts, ready to ship as well for the holidays. All prices again have been dropped to move! And not just prices on the holiday items, I'm talking prices for everything!!

A couple of my items have not been relisted. I have burp cloths, spring girl's clothes and a couple of other items I had intended on working on weeks ago. Well, that never happened. I've talked about in previous posts how I have worked out this year to study up on SEO and tags and all this crazy, foreign language talk when it comes to getting your shop and listings seen. Well, I think it has started to pay off! I'm not getting the thousand of views like some of those top shops, but it has jumped and I am pleased with the results. Remember, the majority of my items are completed when ordered, whether is monogram on a sherpa pullover, or embroidered design on a shirt, so the orders flowing in are keeping me busy.
  Over the past 3 weeks, I have added the Sherpa pullover to the listings. I have both women and kids in the shop. This itself blew up my numbers. These are this seasons most popular item. You know when you watch those fashion shows and they talk about for weeks the seasons new hottest trends? Well, as a small business owner, we just take guesses! It's hard for us to keep up with the chain stores, hard for us to find items at a decent price to monogram, and really hard to figure out how to market it to be profitable. Well, I hit the jackpot on these Sherpa's. Now to study and research for the new, latest and greatest most profitable item for the Spring!

So, anyways, don't forget about me this holiday season! My shop is still up and running and will continue to stay open through the holidays. Turnaround time may get pushed slightly so I can spend some time with my family, but I'm not shutting down! All personalized/monogram orders have to be in no later then the 18th (preferably earlier, but we all know, sometimes as organized as we are, there are those one or two or three gifts that we just forget about, and I don't want to punish those people!). And don't forget to remember me in the new year! Make Etsy your homepage. Make it the first place you go to shop for any gifts.

As always during this holiday season: Shop small, support a dream, give a smile!!

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