Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Time Management or Wasting Time

You've read all my posts, you know the ones that have told y'all how organized I am; my plan to post everyday; how I have laid out my schedules each and every day and complete the to-do lists. Well, as you have seen not all of those are true! It's been almost a month since I have even opened this browser to work on the blog! Can you believe it! I had all intentions of posting everyday, of having this blog become a big part of my business. Well to be honest, I haven't spent much time in the sewing room this month either! I complete my orders and get them out in a timely manner but I'm not doing anything extra that I really need to do; I work on the shops, but not like I really need to. So while I'm being honest here, let's figure be honest about why!

November and December really was overwhelming in my shop! I loved the orders and the income to help out my family. I loved the momentum my shop had. I worked almost everyday in the month of December, except Christmas Eve and Christmas. As a small business mompreneur I am the business as well as the mom.  I needed a break! We came back from vacation and I needed some down time. I needed time to regroup, catch my breath and get ready to continue with this ongoing growth of the business.

During my "break" I have made a list of blog post ideas to get me moving in the right direction. I have begun to create my to do lists not just for each day, but for the week as well. I also have begun to plan myself a day off. One that is much needed during the day. I tend to work sometimes on the weekends, answering emails, working on the shops, planning for the weeks and even sometimes sewing. So I have promised myself to take 1 day during the week off! One day devoted to myself while the kids are in school. I can do whatever I want! If I want to lounge on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls all day (a whole other post) I can do that! This day off will give me the much needed break so I can focus on the business when I am working.

In addition to to-do lists, I also want to start a time list. I want to split my day up and know at certain times of the day I need to be doing what. I have researched (one of my favorite things to do, again another blog post) on how to be truly productive during the day. Especially for those of us who work at home. We tend to see the laundry pile or dirty dishes piled high and drop what we should be doing to work on the items that need to be done. To me, this becomes a time waster! I am now distracted and get off my schedule. Am I the only one who does this? Please tell me I'm not!

I wake up early on school days. My kids go to school 2 hours apart. So I get up with my high schooler everyday at 6. I have developed a routine where I make her lunch and then I begin to check emails, check the shops for new orders and messages and then sometimes get sucked into the world of Facebook! Talk about a time waster! Once I get her off to school, I get myself ready and then get the little ones up and ready for school. Once I drop them off, I come home and head into the sewing room to begin work. I have found that if I have a to do list in the exact order I should work I accomplish a lot more!!! I don't stop for anything and around 1 I shut everything down. I eat my lunch, and begin to do anything that needs to be done in the house, laundry, cleaning, etc. My little come home at 3:30 and then mommy mode jumps in! Practices, dinners, homework, showers and bed time. By then I'm exhausted and lounging on the couch doing nothing is exactly what I prefer, but many times while I am watching tv I am working on designs, shop listings, etc.

This isn't perfect and it will need tweeking for sure! But it's a start. And maybe for the first couple of days/weeks I will even set my timer. And each day will be different, sometimes I won't spend so much time in the sewing room, I will need more time on other things. And let's not forget all the organizations, committees and family things that take up time in my life too, those will need to be scheduled in.

So this is my goal. I know, I set all these goals and promises on this blog and many of them have died off; I'm terrible! But this is going to happen, my planner will be even more my life then it already is, with post-its all in it and hanging out with to-do's and notes. But this will happen. Blog posts will be written and organization will come full throttle to my life! We are talking full blown Time Management here! No more hours wasted on staring at to-do lists and not knowing where to begin. So who's in this with me and we can hold each other accountable on our Time Management!

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