Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Circle of Happiness

If you've been on social media lately you can't help but see negative posts; whether they have to do with politics (we can't get away from that) or crime, or someone putting someone else down. And it's not just on social media, it's on the news, the radio, in conversations at the grocery store. It's everywhere! So how do we get away from it?

Yesterday was Valentine's and social media was so positive and full of love and hearts. Every shared their gifts, shared their photos, shared posts about how long they have been with their Valentine's. It was so positive. In fact last night I got on to check and noticed there were a couple of posts about how they hoped the love continued for a few days.

But I digress. I started writing this post with another intention in the post. With so much negativity in this world how do we stay positive with ourselves? How do we not begin to complain about every aspect of our day, and if not our day, our neighbors, our friends, everyone?

I've written posts, and I'm sure I will write more about staying true to yourself, not comparing yourself to others. The more you compare the more you become negative about yourself. So step 1, be happy with you! Be happy with all you. Be happy with the person you see in the mirror. Love who God created, because He molded you to be you and no one else. So why compare yourself to anyone else, God doesn't make any mistakes, don't doubt His work!
Step 2 to a more positive life, be grateful for what you have. There will always be friends/acquaintances who have more, bigger, better things then we have. But that's just what they are, things! Over the years I have struggled with this. I have compared my house to others, I have compared my cars, I have even compared my vacations. And then finally it hit me one day while reading scriptures, I should be happy. I love my house, I love the size, we spend more time as a family together because it's smaller. I love my cars, they get us all from point A to point B and there is enough space for all of us on our road trips. And our vacations, well we love them. We spend time together making memories, doing what we love. No we don't leave the country, but we don't need to. I don't compare anymore, I am grateful for everything I have!

Step 3, choose to be happy each and every day. Every morning when you get up, make a decision to be happy. Tired, and it's early, that's ok, be happy you are alive! Kids are fighting and you're running late for school, that's ok, smile, kiss your kids and be happy they are healthy and able to go to school (late or not, they will get there!). It's hard sometimes, to make this decision. There are reasons beyond our control, and this will be addressed in another post at another time. But for now, find the joy in everything you can, choose to be happy every day!

Step 4 goes with step 3 a bit. When you choose to be happy you smile. When you smile you spread joy. When you see that you make someone happy it brings more joy to yourself. It's a circle of happiness! It's pretty amazing.

I have found the happier I am as a person the happier I am with my kids, my husband and my friends. I have moments of weakness, days when I struggle to find joy and be happy. But for the most part, I'm happy with me! I'm happy with my life!

We all really dislike the negativity in life, on social media, on the news and in life, so let's be the change. Posts happy posts, happy quotes, joyous thoughts, share the good and it will spread, I promise! Let's make being happy and positive a good things, bring it full circle! So go be happy!!!

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