Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Our kids: pains or loves?!?

Have you ever scrolled through Facebook (or any social media) and read posts and thought "What the heck?" Have you counted the number of posts about our kids, how they have tried our patience, the number of timeouts that day, how we can't take it any more!!

I find myself complaining a lot too.

This past weekend I was asked to speak at one of our church services about being an Upward basketball parent. Both my youngest kids play basketball at church for this amazing program. I typed up my "speech", practiced it so I knew it was in my time limit and didn't have any problems, or so I thought. Sunday morning I got up and started to talk and lost it! I started to cry! After service friends came up to me and we talked about it. And I looked at a good friend of mine and asked her, why in the world did I get so emotional!! Her response was simple, you love your kids!

We put on display so much of the negative, complaining about the stress they create. I try to avoid all those prideful, bragging posts about my kids, cause we all know we get tired of those too. But I feel like we should be more positive in the life of being a parent.

I love my kids dearly. They each have their own struggle's in life, they each have their strength's, they all have good days and bad days; just like us! So, if our kids walked around in life, telling all their friends, teachers, and neighbors all the negative things we do, wouldn't we be upset? Aren't we hurt when they tell us we are so mean? (I actually smile and tell my kids I had to sign a contract in the hospital that I would be mean!) Our hearts fill when our kids hug us and tell us how much they love us, when our kids get older and tell us how great a parent we are. So shouldn't we be doing the same with them? Not just when they do something great, you know those report card posts, but all the time!

My goal for the month of March is to post once a day on social media about my kids and their great qualities. I want my social media to be something that would make my kid's hearts burst with happiness and not lower their heads shamefully.

Will you join me? Will you help make our kids lives a happy, joyful, loving world?

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