Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You have to do what you love!

My oldest daughter is beginning her plans for college and life. She's researching major's to find out what she's interested in and figuring out what kind of job she wants for life. We have long talks about what she wants to do each day of her life, something that she looks forward to getting up for each and every day; something that brings her joy in life, even on stressful days; something she's proud to talk about and tell others about. I purposely make her have these conversations with me because I never did. I was good at one subject in school, I went to school and majored in that subject. I had no idea of other interests and majors and this eventually led to me quitting my job (well there are many other reasons too).

We all have different interests and passions in life. I for one LOVE my kids! I love being home with them. I love the good times and the bad times; the snuggles and the tantrums; the crazy schedules and the lazy afternoons. This is one of the main reasons I ended up quitting my job, I wanted to be home all the time. Fast forward some years and here I am. I have been building this business now for 5 years. I have tried new things, taken suggestions from others, done things I haven't enjoyed and it's all led to where I am today. If you visit my shop frequently you notice that shirt designs have changed. The designs that stocked my shop a few years ago are no longer there. A couple of years ago I was busy, orders were crazy, I worked all the time, majority of the time with a toddler in my sewing room. I got burnt out. I started dreading heading into the sewing room everyday to work. It wasn't fun anymore. Last year I slowed down and bit, moved items out of the shop, took a little less orders and learned to say no to items I just couldn't come to terms doing. So here I am at present day and I have to say I love what I do! I have a schedule, only working about 4 to 5 hours in the sewing room a day. I get the afternoons and evenings with my kids. I love every design posted in my shop!
Yesterday I posted in my Facebook group a sample sale (if you aren't in my FB group you need to be!) This past month while I was working slowly, trying to recoup from the mad holiday rush, I came up with some new designs. All positive, all fun, all loving and inspirational, and a lot of them Christian. My shop, my designs are all a reflection of me, FINALLY! You can open up my Etsy and see from my listings who I am, what I love and what is important to me!

I tell my kids, life isn't about how much money we make, how big our house is or how many shoes we own. I tell them that life is about the joy we bring to ourselves and to others. When I get up in the morning, I choose to be happy, I choose to enjoy every bit of my day. I choose to count my blessings every night. My shop is slowing starting to make a good amount of money, but more importantly I love being in the sewing room and completing each and every order. It's taken me awhile to finally get to this point in my life, one that I am proud to tell others about. But I hope more then anything, that my kids see how happy I am, that I am setting a good example for them, that they too know that it's not about the paycheck but the life and the journey you create for yourself.

My hopes for you are the same as my kids, that you too enjoy what you do. That you count your blessings every night, because all joys in life come from above. I found this quote from David Frost that is so true: "Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally". I love this quote! There was a time in our married life that we were financially stable, we had two full time incomes coming in the house, only had 1 kid at the time and lived in a 2 bedroom condo. In terms of the "normal" definition of success that was us. But I beg to differ. Over the years we have both found what we love to do, what makes us happy, what makes the kids happy, we wake up each day excited about what is in store. Our bank accounts may not look "successful" to most people but that's ok, we know we are successful because we are happy! Find your happiness and spread it throughout the world!

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