Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Not a fan of winter!

It's March and we are currently freezing, some of us digging out of snow!

Remember last month when we were wearing Tshirts outside and boat shoes?!?

OK Mother Nature, who pissed you off? Gather up your friend Elsa and both of you go somewhere else!

With all this cold though, I have to say, it really has helped my shop! I had already marked down all my winter inventory to move it and make room for my Spring and Summer inventory. I don't have a warehouse, in fact my sewing area shares space with our laundry room, hubby's bar and the kids TV room and sleepover space. So keeping inventory is hard.

So I have marked down all the Sherpa's and boot cuffs to move those out!
Order yours here!

2 Styles and Lots of colors, order here!

Thanks to Mother Nature, everyone has been cold the past week and has been shopping for warmer clothes. Yay for me!

I still have items left, still have a number of Sherpas as well as boot cuffs. So if you are wanting to stay warm, I would head over and grab yours.

None of us know what Mother Nature is doing. I'm not friends with Elsa, she knows she is not welcome at my house!! But when she comes, I am nice and warm in my Sherpa and boot cuffs!!

So stay warm, and dream of days we can get away with cute monogram Tees and Tanks!

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