Friday, April 14, 2017


Hard to believe it's been a month since my last post. So much has been going on. The business kept me busy, lots of orders rolling in. Tons of new visitors from here, now that I have links and photos up on the blog. My youngest broke his arm last month, my oldest started high school soccer season, tons of church things on my plate and let's not forget Spring Break!

So this week is Holy Week, one of my favorite times of the year. This weekend is Easter and I LOVE the activities and time spent at church!

Over the years as my kids have gotten older, I love the way they focus on the meaning on Easter. They reflect, read scripture and think about what it means to our lives.

In all the years of being a parent, I can honestly say my kids have never visited the Easter Bunny. Nothing against the guy, they just have never had the desire to go sit on a huge bunnies lap. In fact over the years, they haven't even stressed about the hunts and the baskets!

We have a lot of traditions that we do each Easter. Our church has an amazing drama program. Each Good Friday they put on an amazing drama to put you in the mood for Easter weekend. Our church has a kids Easter Egg hunt that we attend, both as participants and volunteers. We event friends to participate and have fun with us. My kids get new outfits for Easter. Nothing over the top, just something nice they can wear all summer. We make tomb biscuits the night before Easter and read scripture that goes along with each step. They love this and look forward to it each year.

Easter Sunday, my oldest is in the youth and they are responsible for putting on the sunrise service. We  never attended this until she was in 6th grade. And I have to say, this is the most amazing way to start your Easter Sunday! We as a family look forward to starting our Easter outside (cold or warm) watching the amazing sun rise. Gorgeous! We stay for breakfast (my hubby helps prepare) and then for our contemporary service. By the time we get home late morning my kids are usually ready for a nap! We as parent's (and sometimes with the help of my own parents) have to force the kids to do their egg hunt and Easter baskets.

I hope each of you have a way to spend you Easter, whether with family, church or in your own way. This holiday is an amazing time to sit and reflect about you and your life, your journey in Christianity and you destination. Read scripture, reflect and pray. Some call it a solemn holiday, one of despair and grief, but it's a time of celebration as well. Time to reflect on new life, forgiveness, and love.

So as you celebrate this weekend, whether with the Easter bunny or your bible, enjoy! Eat lots of chocolate and then Monday we will all forgive ourselves. Read the scriptures and pray and start new Monday morning. Happy Easter everyone!

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